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I’m so excited that you’re enjoying the Enlightened Humanity Circle™’s Spiritual Rave!

Here you’ll receive a FREE “Stress-Buster” Express BodyTalk Session, (a video link you can access via your computer or mobile device), my gift to you for simply being a part of the Enlightened Humanity Circle Community.

May this express stress-buster healing session give you a sense of peace and calm, replacing stress and fear with hope, health, and empowerment. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey!

From my Heart to Yours,
Leanne M. Barbato, CBP

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  • Improve clarity, memory, creativity, sleep & energy naturally
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  • Learn how to create a lasting & substantial reduction in stress & anxiety

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Leanne M. Barbato, CBP

Is an Energy Healer & Alchemist for humans and animals. Highly empathetic, intuitive, and compassionate, Leanne is as a well-rounded expert in root-cause healing, emotion release, and removing limitations of all kinds.  She works with one’s “essence”, allowing it to tell its own unique story and empowers its innate ability to self-heal at every level — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Her gifted abilities for higher-dimensional inner healing will change EVERYTHING in your outer world! Leanne holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Miami, is certified in BodyTalk™, Access Bars®, Thrive Energetics© and Law of Attraction Coaching and is currently completing a one-year apprenticeship mastering Alchemy . She is available for in-person sessions in Palm Beach County, Florida and provides distance sessions all over the world.

What clients are saying about their  BodyTalk ™ sessions with Leanne:

I was not a believer in BodyTalk when I first heard about it, but I do now after experiencing one session with Leanne! It has been a great experience. My stress levels immediately decreased, I was able to have a full night’s sleep in over a week and had improvement in my back pain. Thank you so much!
Z.Tuscon, AZ
Whatever you did worked as I am doing better since yesterday.
Part 2: You are more than wonderful. I still feel great today and the weather in the NH mountains are cloudy and chilly at 55 degrees but put my generator together with a ? on my face. Not sure what you did but your energy is very powerful! Never experienced this before.
DenisLincoln, NH