Leanne Barbato is an Energy Healer & Alchemist for People and their Pets worldwide. She is certified in BodyTalk™, Access Bars®, & Thrive Energetics© and is currently based out of Palm Beach County, Florida where she facilitates both in-person and remote healing sessions. An avid learner, Leanne is constantly reading and taking courses to enhance her practice and empower healing on all levels. She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from the University of Miami and is a member of the International BodyTalk™ Association and the South Florida BodyTalk™ Association.

A multi-generational healer, Leanne’s father and grandfather were Medical Doctors who fostered her early love of Nature, Science, and Psychology. During her 15 years of a successful (but stressful) career in corporate America, Leanne continued to explore the connection between the body and mind for reasons pertaining to her own health before being introduced to BodyTalk™ by a friend. It was love at first sight! Leanne was quickly known by her instructor and among her peers as being “a natural-born BodyTalker”.

Leanne has since expanded her practice to include other modalities, including a three-year apprenticeship with Karen Torres to master Alchemical Healing. She is still fascinated by how Energy Medicine allows one’s essence to tell its own unique story and stimulates self-healing at every level — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — in the precise way needed by that person or animal at that point in time, making this whole healthcare as unique as you are.

Highly empathic, intuitive, and compassionate, Leanne creates profound shifts in healing as an expert in root-cause healing and emotion release. She combines her many gifted abilities in a mixed-modality practice which consistently delivers profound inner healing that will change EVERYTHING in your outer world!

Leanne works closely with the Angelic Realm as she facilitates all healing sessions and attributes her success to the Source Creator through whom anything is possible. In addition to her practice, she is an advocate for several causes close to her heart which include children, animals, the poor, education, and the environment.