After just one session with Leanne, I have been experiencing increased energy, improved mental clarity and greater emotional calm. By my second session with Leanne, I was able to reduce medication that I have taken for over 14 years, which is backed up by blood work and other medical testing. It has been wonderful to be able to watch a movie in its entirety without falling asleep; my sleep is more restful; I have been able to multitask like I used to in my 30’s; and am again reading with increased clarity and understanding while remembering what I am reading. The BodyTalk work has also helped me to more quickly process through and release emotions that have lingered and I am experiencing more ease and calm on a day to day basis. Leanne is an amazing healing agent who transmits compassion, grace, love and awareness through her whole being. It is a true and profound gift to receive from Leanne. In gratitude forever.


Palm Beach County, FL

With compassion and wisdom, Leanne has been treating every member of my family including my 12 year old dachshund, Jasmine, and 2 year old cat, Jasper.

When Jasmine stopped eating, it was Leanne who understood Jasmine was angry about moving from a one story to a two story house. Another time both animals were refusing to eat, and they were jealous of each other! More recently, Leanne worked on Jasmine’s wart like skin issues.

From a pet owner perspective, the best thing about working with Leanne is that I don’t have to stress either pet out going to the vet! My dog gets so nervous when we put her in the car. The added bonus is that she clears my fears and worries while she works on them. That’s what I call service!


Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I am so grateful to be able to find you, Leanne! You are remarkable at what you do. The Body Talk work creates an incredible outcome that amazes and intrigues me. I appreciated that you went beyond the physical body and also directed your attention to the emotional, mental and spiritual. The amount of energy during and after the session that I felt was indescribable. Not only did I notice immediate results on my emotions, feeling lighter and clearer, but even as the days have progressed I have noticed positive physical changes in my health and well being.

You have a precious gift and you’re a truly amazing person that I am so grateful for and I cannot thank you enough. I tell people the work you do is incredible every chance I get. And since my session, things are manifesting for me in ways that I never envisioned possible – truly breathtaking stuff !!!

When I came to see Leanne I was dealing with a lot of stress. Since my session with her my life has taken the most beautiful new turn. I am motivated and excited about my future and at peace with my past.

I am truly, deeply thankful for Leanne’ s wisdom, integrity, clarity and more! If you are looking for joy and happiness in your life and feel ready to let go of the things holding you back I would highly recommend Leanne. She is a beautiful and compassionate healer, with a unique and gentle approach to confronting any obstacles – physical, mental & spiritual – in your way. If you are ready for a new lease on life, then book a Body Talk session with Leanne.

Leanne, Keep up the good work as you are without a doubt making our world a better place. A million hugs to you! ⭐️

Blessings & Bliss ~


Palm Beach, FL

I had a recent session with Leanne and thanks to her beautiful healing, she cleared a low frequency that was attached to me that has been waking me up every night around 2 or 3 AM, sometimes unable to fall back asleep. After my appointment with her, I have not woken up once in the middle of the night and have been getting a restful and peaceful sleep. Thank you Leanne!!


Jupiter, FL

The work we’ve done is phenomenal…As you may know I had TONS of clearing and tons of healing to do. I have not been able to get the healings you’ve done out of my mind; the healings were great, and always worked. I’m much lighter and clearer thinking and I felt such a tremendous connection with you. What I realized is I have a lot more of my own power than I give myself credit for. I feel more like me! I am so thankful for you, you’ll never know to the degree. I have worked with so many people but you were spot-on.


Tauton, MA

Had an intense BodyTalk healing session with Leanne Barbato. Was amazing. Thank you! ❤️

J. Hartley

London, UK

That was an incredible session yesterday!!! When I am on a table like that, it may not seem like it, I feel somewhat drunk and floating and lost in my own thoughts and some things I am able to absorb and some not.
I was thinking about this modality the whole night and cannot understand that such complex material was done with ease in such a short time. It is very interesting how BodyTalk incorporates the physical and energetic, Eastern & Western and of course your added twist of Alchemy and the Access Bars.
You are truly in your element with what you do.
I went through what you sent me (notes)…wow it covered a lot of things. I will have to go over it many times for it to sink in.
Thank you again for such a powerful session. You are one kick ass healer!!!
Thank you.
PS- You can put me on your schedule for mid January 2018 ❤

Mildred C.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Leanne is a an amazing woman, healer and Body Talk practitioner. The way that she integrates her work with her love and intuition make her sessions profound. Body talk is an integration of meridian therapy work, muscle testing, modern and traditional medicine combined. Her work is a missing link in our common healthcare system and can be such an asset to those seeking deep profound healing.

Leanne Mitchell

West Palm Beach, FL

I very recently had a healing session with Leanne that was life changing for me.. I went into her comfortable healing room with alot of pain in my low back and extreme pressure in my legs. Emotionally I felt drained and unclear about parts of my life.
She released many blocks and attachments from my body. I have been able to sleep comfortably without pain waking me up. The pressure I felt in my legs has been removed and I am able to move more freely. My mood uplifted and I have more energy and feel more joy. I feel with my session I can step into my empowerment and my highest potential in my life.
I love the modality Body Talk and how Leanne incorporates her other gifts into the session. I so appreciate that she does not look at a clock and takes the time to fully treat what the body needs.
She is truly a gifted healer and I am so grateful for she is now in my life.


Jupiter, FL

I was not a believer in BodyTalk when I first heard about it, but I do now after experiencing one session with Leanne! It has been a great experience. My stress levels immediately decreased, I was able to have a full night’s sleep in over a week and had improvement in my back pain. Thank you so much!


Tucson, AZ

Whatever you did worked as I am doing better since yesterday.

[Part 2] You are more than wonderful. I still feel great today and the weather in the NH mountains are cloudy and chilly at 55 degrees but put my generator together with a ? on my face. Not sure what you did but your energy is very powerful! Never experienced this before.

Denis M.

Lincoln, NH

I recently had my first bodytalk session with Leanne, and I am still amazed by both the powerful results of my session as well as the abilities of Leanne as a healer. Leanne is beyond talented, effective, and professional. She is also extraordinarily warm, caring and understanding, and I love how Leanne explained things to me so that I understood. I felt better immediately after seeing Leanne and I highly recommend Leanne and bodytalk to everyone.

Jill R.

Jupiter, FL

I feel SO much better!! It happened just like you said it would… I got a fever and felt really bad that night, but I woke up the next morning feeling great! I was on top of the world as if I was never sick all week. And now I have so much more energy and peace. My mind is clear and things that used to bother me don’t anymore. I sure do appreciate you! Now my husband is a believer and wants a session with you!


Lake Park, FL

Thank you, my sweet! In case anyone doesn’t believe in BodyTalk ….. I just read my report and started to laugh. My ears were so blocked that my hearing aids weren’t working! I had them lavaged and they said they would be sore for days. Not sore now!


Jupiter, FL

You are meant to help heal people. This is amazing! I was actually able to do dishes and some cleaning today for the first time in I don’t know how long!!!

Zoe S.

Richmond, Indiana

I appreciate your follow-through and that you go above & beyond the call of duty regarding meeting client needs.

K. Knapp

Ventura County, California

Leanne recently conducted a distance Bodytalk session for me and it has helped me tremendously in taking that leap of faith to finally start up a personal business and also move through some grief and financial discomfort. I would highly recommend her, she was so warm and welcoming!

Kyla B.

Saskatoon, Canada

You are an angel, I actually felt it. I was needing it. Thank you.

Luisa T.

Coconut Creek, FL

Noah has stabilized and as of yesterday has his bark back. Literally he had lost his voice. I’m happy to say that he is stable and doing better. Thank you for your healing prayers & energy!

Lisa G.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I am so grateful to have worked with Leanne recently! I received a very incredible distance session from her and she tapped into some really amazing things. Thanks Leanne, after a week of taking pain meds for sciatica I was able to fall asleep and sleep through the night, pill free!

Kara D.

Saskatoon, Canada